Will Congress Act?

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The American people want to know: will Congress act?

It’s time to make sure our representatives in Congress are fighting for accountability and have read Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s full report. Remember, our members of Congress work for us — and the best way to get them to read the report is to ask them!

Some will only need to hear from a few of their constituents, while others will need more of a push. That’s where you come in…

Tweet Your Reps

Social media is a powerful way to connect with those who represent us! Most of our legislators are on Twitter — and by tagging them in a tweet, we can speak to them about the issues that matter to us. Our simple click-to-tweet tool will let you ask your members of Congress directly: have you read the Mueller report?

Email Your Reps

Send a message now and tell your elected officials why reading the report cover to cover matters! Many lawmakers will reply to your email with specifics, so if your lawmaker replies stating that they’ve read the report cover-to-cover, let us know.

Send a Letter to the Editor

Elected officials and their staff read their local papers to see what’s on voters’ minds, so one of the most effective tactics to get candidates’ attention is to write to the editor to your local paper about the Mueller report. Plus, it’s a creative way to educate your community! Our simple tool will set you up with all the information you need, and connect you directly with your local newspapers.

Speak With Your Reps

When you address your elected officials in public, it can spur them to take action quickly! We call this “bird-dogging” — showing up in person at your member of Congress’s public events and asking them to read the Mueller report. And it becomes more effective when it happens multiple times: at every public event, with activists there, putting your Congressperson on the spot, and insisting on a straight answer. Learn more about bird-dogging and how to get started.

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